Fernandina & Friends Social Club

Fernandina & Friends Social Club is an entertainment/event/cultural/trip club.  We showcase top live entertainment and offer trip opportunities and cruising adventures outside of The Villages.  Fernandina & Friends has partnered with the Villagers for Hospice as one of our community outreach endeavors.  Also, donations have been made to The Combat Veterans to Careers Organization, Vietnam Veterans Post 1036, The Village C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team), and the Tutors for Kids Program. The club is open to any Villager regardless of where they live.  Our dues are $5.00 per person for the year. 

Club Membership Dues are now processed via PAYPAL located on our Membership Tab of this web site. 


Events Admission Policy: Admission purchases for events are only available for registered club members. If an event is not sold out one (1) week prior, then guests can be accommodated.

PAYPAL is here!!

Who: Fernandina & Friends Social Club

What: All 2016 Events & Club Dues are handled via PAYPAL.

When: Starting now with Club Dues – renewals/new memberships for 2016. PAYPAL is now installed on the Club Web Site: (MEMBERSHIP TAB).

Where: Convenience to purchase your admission to events anytime in the privacy of your own home or smart phone.

Why: The goal is to eliminate the use of manual tickets for all club events. This will save the club the cost of printing 25-30 events per year, and will also provide better accountability for planning table assignments. PAYPAL is the most trusted and secure method for purchasing tickets online.

How it Works: Club members will access the Club Web Site: To see the events for the year, open the CALENDAR TAB.  To see a description of the event  go to the TAB FOR THE EVENT to purchase admission to the event through PAYPAL. There will be NO physical tickets issued. Admission will be taken at the door from the master list generated by those purchasing thru PAYPAL.

Weekly club e-mails will still continue announcing upcoming events and deadlines to purchase.

Events admission can be purchased the following ways:
•Personal PAYPAL account
•Debit Card with or without PAYPAL account
•Credit Card with or without PAYPAL account


Fernandina & Friends is a Village Resident Lifestyle Club offering entertainment, cruises, parties and cultural events both within the Villages and outside. By definition, Fernandina and Friends includes club members residing both in the Village of Fernandina as well as any other Village. With over 1,300 active members, it is necessary to institute policy regarding the purchase of tickets for club events:
◾Only current, registered club members may purchase tickets and attend club events.*
◾If purchasing tickets for a table, all must be current, registered club members. Payment for the entire group must be made when ordering tickets and ALL THE NAMES ARE TO BE E-MAILED TO: for table assignments.
◾All tickets sales are through PAYPAL, located on the Events Tab of the club web site:
◾All ticket purchases are non-refundable and are solely the members’ responsibility.
◾There will no longer be a ‘wait list’ for ticket purchases.
◾*NON CLUB MEMBER POLICY – non-club members may purchase a Fernandina & Friends event ticket, only if the event is NOT SOLD OUT one week prior to the event.


For more information contact:

Mark Bailey